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Jaden Smith follows in Willow’s controversial footsteps

It is obvious this was done make a point after WIllow Smith’s photos cause a stir!

Less than a week after 13-year-old Willow Smith made headlines by posing with topless 20-year-old Disney star Moises Arias on Tumblr, more images have emerged. This time, it’s brother Jaden Smith and rumored girlfriend, 16-year-old Kylie Jenner, in an intimate pose, sans clothes.

Showing off his bare chest and Calvin Klein underwear, Will Smith‘s 15-year-old son is straddled by the youngest “Kardashian” sister in these black-and-white images.




Ed Sheeran has released his All of the Stars music video.

The song comes from the highly anticipated movie The Fault In Our Stars.

Justin Bieber Responds to Seth Rogen

Justin Bieber has responded to Seth Rogen s continued attacks on him.

Earlier this week, Rogen told Howard Stern about an incident when Bieber had asked to meet him at an event and then acted like he did not care.

Justin repsonded on Twitter:

Seth Rogan (sic) sorry I didnt bow down when I asked 2 meet u was probably a bit shy and didn t want to be over the top but still. love ur movies.”

Justin, taking the high road!

Jada Speaks Out About Willow/Moises Pic!

Yesterday, the internet went crazy after after a black-and-white shot of the young Willow Smith, casually reclining with topless actor Moises Arias, was posted on his Instagram account.

Arias, who rose to fame starring opposite Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana, has since deleted the image.

Jada Pinkett Smith is usually very private and rarely speaks out about her family went off on a TMZ reporter, telling him the picture of her 13-year-old daughter in a bed with a 20-year-old guy was innocent!

Sources told TMZ that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith believe their daughter is “very mature” … enough so to make her own decisions, as long as they don’t clearly cross the line.

willow smith

This Phone Was Built For Selfies!

Huawei on Wednesday unveiled its latest phone, the Ascend P7. If you are reading this, chances are you ve never heard of Huawei.

I hadn’t either. Until now.

Because apparently this phone was built specifically in mind to take the perfect selfie!!!

The camera is a 13-megapixel unit intended to capture so much detail on a shot!

But the front camera is where it has fully embraced the importance of a good “selfie” with a front-facing 8-megapixel camera. To put things in perspective, that s the same resolution as the iPhone s rear camera.