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The ‘Unicorn Frappuccino’ Changes Color and Taste as You Stir

Starbucks has a new, limited-time beverage that changes colors and flavors with a stir of the straw. They are calling it a “Unicorn Frappuccino.”

Starbucks says the drink starts out purple with a sweet and fruity taste. It changes to pink and tart after it’s stirred to mix in a blue drizzle.

It will be available today through Sunday.

An anonymous Starbucks employee who got an early sample says it “tastes just like those Tropical Skittles.”


Children As Young As 13 Being Treated For Addiction To Cellphones

Kids as young as 13-years-old are being treated for cellphone addiction.

The reSTART Life Center in Seattle is the only treatment center of its kind in the western world and helps youngsters with addictions to digital technology including video games.

Its founder says she has treated kids as young as 13.

She also advises people of all ages to restrict their use of devices to certain scheduled times. and says families should confront their worries about the increasing influence of technology.


Forget Barbecue Sauce! Beef Is Best Served With Chocolate

According to a new study… beef goes best with chocolate.

Scientists studied the flavor compounds in over 56,000 online recipes to see how the components of different dishes relate to each other.

They used this to come up a with new food pairings that they claim are tastier than our traditional choices.

They found that chicken goes best with a side of seaweed, white chocolate was found to be a good match with caviar while pork goes well with vanilla.

How Much Does Your Face Cost? The Average Woman In The U.S. Will Spend Up To $300,000 On Beauty Products In Her Lifetime

The average American woman will spend up to $300,00 in beauty products for her face in her lifetime.

The line-up of products used daily includes cleanser, toner, primer, a brow product, highlighter and lipstick.

New York, Connecticut and West Virginia have the most expensive faces, averaging $11 per day while Montana and Utah average less than $5 per day.

Russell Brand Talks Katy Perry

Russell Brand is opening up about his marriage with Katy Perry.

During a recent interview, Russell said that he has positive feelings toward her these days. He said, “Katy was obviously very, very occupied and very busy. I was very occupied and very busy—not to the same degree, I recognize.. But it meant, I think, that [for] the sanctimony of marriage , which is a very private thing really…I supposed we perhaps—intuitively or explicitly I don’t know—understood that we better protect this thing.”

He said, “The marriage didn’t last for a very long time, and I think that is to do with the undulated nature of fame and that, living in those conditions and what was happening.”

Russell said, “But I have come away from that experience. I still feel very warm towards her. I feel like, when I hear about her or see her, ‘Awe, there’s that person. There’s that person in the world’… I sort of recognize it as a part of my life that was for a clearly delineated piece of time.”


10 of the Oddest Things Ever Left in an Uber

According to Uber, wallets, keys and phones are the most common forgotten items people leave behind. But occasionally there are some strange things left behind like:
1. Engagement ring
2. Nordic walking poles
3. Pool cue
4. Vacuum
5. Smoke machine
6. Bulletproof vest
7. Elf cut-out
8. Money bag
9. Valium
10. Taser

James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does


During a recent interview James Blunt revealed what his hit “You’re Beautiful” really is about … and it’s not a romantic love song.

The British singer said, “You get labeled with these things like, ‘Oh, James Blunt. Isn’t he just a soft romantic?’ Well, f—k that. No, I’m not. ‘You’re Beautiful’ is not this soft romantic f—king song. It’s about a guy who’s high as a f—king kite on drugs in the subway stalking someone else’s girlfriend when that guy is there in front of him, and he should be locked up or put in prison for being some kind of perv.”
James Blunt says his song ‘You’re Beautiful’ doesn’t mean what you think it does… “it’s about a guy who’s high as a kite and stalking some other guy’s girlfriend.”