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Today, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday. His speech takes on new meaning every time we hear it. #Equality

Today We Honor Martin Luther King Jr. On His 50th Anniversary

Today, the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Junior Day. This year’s celebration is extra special because it is the 50th anniversary since Dr. King’s death and it actually falls on his birthday as well. In remembrance, here are a couple ways you can celebrate in Los Angeles:

LACMA will be hosting a free day on Monday, Jan. 15 so you can celebrate dreams and diversity through art. The museum will be offering bilingual tours, a family sketching activity and live music with Diana Purim and Eyedentity at 12:30 and 2:45 p.m. Plus, there are all the family favorites like the Boone Children’s Gallery, Chris Burden’s Metropolis II, and the Levitated Mass.

Also, the California African American Museum will be hosting their annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration. There will be fun for the whole family beginning with kid’s art workshops where everyone can make a dream catcher filled with their dreams for a better world or contribute to the community peace garden exhibition. There will also be a discussion about women activists during the civil rights movement and a study of Dr. King’s speeches. Plus, there will also be food so you can spend the day soaking in positive energy, good food, and community.

Have you ever been hated on instantly? The ladies & I were talking about it on @thetalkcbs loved @eve’s story!

After Hugh Grant revealed that Robert Downey Jr. hated him on set while the two actors worked on the movie, “Restoration,” the topic of discussion on “The Talk” was… ‘Has anyone hated you on first sight?’ Eve shared a good story about her and Lil’ Kim’s first meeting. Check it out:

Pass these flu tips, not the #flu Get better LA! One person at a time

If you heard the Ellen K: Q&A yesterday, you heard the best way to avoid a cold naturally is to eat lots of SALMON! Salmon, herring, and mackerel are very high in omega-3 fatty acids, which protect lungs from respiratory infections and colds. Also, a home remedy that was shared with us is if you mash up an ibuprofen and put it in a glass of warm water, you can gargle that and it helps relieve inflammation in your throat.

We also got a call from one of our listeners who’s a nurse and she gave us some pretty awesome info to save the world & pass on:

1) Stay home if you’re sick!

2) Wash your hands… a lot! Use hand sanitizer in between.

3) Cough into your elbow. If it looks like you’re doing the DAB, you’re doing it right! If your kids haven’t showed you yet, a dab looks like this:

4) Build your immune system! Sleep & eat well.

5) Once you’ve kicked the flu to the curb, wash your sheets and change your toothbrush.

6) If you wear eye contacts, change your contacts.

God bless this sweet little guy❤️🙏🏼😇 Isn’t this precious? He had no idea he was being recorded. He just picked up the guitar and sang.


This 4-year-old boy’s mom recorded him singing, “Remember Me” from the Disney-Pixar movie, “Coco” to his baby sister, Ava, who passed away last May. He had no idea he was being recorded. He just picked up the guitar and sang. ️This is the song he was singing by Miguel:


We’ve launched our newest 2018 project to help adopt animals! Help Travis find his forever home #WetNoseWednesday

Meet Travis! What a sweet boy!

Travis is a friendly, fun-loving guy (just look at that smile)! He is a fabulous running/walking/hiking buddy and enjoys meeting new people. Travis is also very smart and food motivated – he loves to learn and picks up commands quickly. Travis has in-home experience and very nice manners. He’d be a fantastic best friend for an active person or family!

What better way to kick off 2018 than with a new Best Friend. Travis is just $18 to adopt this week and he’s neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Mission Hills is open noon to 8 pm everyday, and all pets can go home immediately. Learn more at bestfriendsLA.org

Listen to the Ellen K Morning Show every Wednesday to check for the highlighted pet of the week available for adoption.

Ended the year with a baby boy & starting the year with so much love! Congrats @jessicaalba @cashwarren on baby #3 Hayes :)

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren ended their 2017 in the very best way possible–welcoming their new baby boy! Hayes Alba Warren was born December 31, 2017, joining his sisters Haven Garner, 6, and Honor Marie, 9.

Both proud parents shared photos of him on their Instagram page. Momma Jessica posted a pic of her baby sleeping with the caption, “Hayes Alba Warren 12/31/17 Best gift to ring in the New Year!” While dad Cash posted an adorable photo of him holding his first born son writing, “On your first day of life, I promise to love you, to cherish you, and to provide you with a sandbox full of dreams to explore. ”

Take a peek at their precious baby:

The #BajaBuild @LoyolaHigh – a family will move into their forever home

A home for a family to fill with love and memories… That is so special! Great job Loyola High volunteers! 

#BajaBuild is a volunteer project in Tecate, Mexico. A family will be moving into their forever home very soon. So proud of @Loyola High!

Posted by Ellen K on Thursday, December 28, 2017

Happy birthday to the legend @johnlegend! We love playing your music on the #EllenKMorningShow @kost1035fm 🎈🎉🎶

Happy birthday John Legend! His big brother posted this sweet throwback picture from when John was born and he went to meet him for the first time at the hospital! Thanks for the music John and thanks for sharing this sweet post Ronald! Sending you birthday hugs and wishes! We love playing your music on KOST 103.5, especially during the #EllenKMorningShow! 🎈🎉🎶