Dancing Baby

This baby has moves! Check out the adorable little one dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies!” It’s too funny!



Sadao (right) and Nick wore matching shirts today!!!! These guys are super cool and always in a great mood !!!

Rated R


Rihanna stopped by the studio this morning to talk about her new album and said her favorite track is “Photographs.” She is so sweet!!

Vampire Mania


The vampire craze has become an overwhelmingly popular commodity recently. Between the Twilight frenzy, movies, books, television shows, costumes, and everything else, the estimated annual earnings from the vampire products are said to be approximately $771.5 million! Talk about one massive phenomenon! Check out the fascinating article at TheDailyBeast.com

Kim Stays Fit With Carl’s Jr. Salads


Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge have appeared in Carl’s Jr. commercials in the past, and Kim Kardashian is the next celebrity to slip on a risqu outfit and promote the new premium salads. The reality starlet helped create the concept of eating her salad in bed and wanted to make sure that her commercial showed off her sultry side. With all of the attention she has received lately for her slimmer figure, Kim is the perfect spokesperson for the new healthy fast food!