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This week, we’re giving away some AMAZING prizes! Here are some steps to win:

  1. Listen to KOST 103.5 FM on the radio or on the FREE iHeart Radio app!
  2. Save 1-800-929-KOST, that’s 1-800-929-5678
  3. Win “Cash On KOST” by texting the keyword that changes every hour on the :20’s. Text the keyword to 200-200.
  4. Twice each morning – 6:25 and 7:25 – you’re invited to play the Ellen K Q&A.  We ask you a question & the first caller with the right answer wins that hour’s prize. Your wrong guesses are often more fun than the answer itself! Call the KOST hotline, 1-800-929-KOST, that’s 1-800-929-5678.
    Thank you for feeling good with us!