And Now The Good News is OUT & ready for you to order on @amazon! ☀😃Thanks to the @goodnewsguru @goodnewsnetwork 🎁💝 Perfect gift for the holidays!

It’s always good to feel good right around Christmas time!

Our Good News Guru Gerri has a book called “And Now The Good News!” which is filled with nothing but good news and will always brighten up your day!

She shared with us a sneak peak of one of the stories in her book.

Her story was about pilot on Southwest Airlines.

A man’s three year old grandson had life support turned off and he needed to attend the funeral.

Nobody cared about his situation.

The airline did though.

When he arrived at the gate 12 minutes late, asking if he was Mark and said that they held the plane for him.

The pilot walked down and said that they plane can’t go anywhere without him and he wasn’t going anywhere without Mark!

Ah, the chills!

How sweet is this?!

If you want to purchase this book, click here!