Meet Dinah❣️

Dinah #A2072621 has a lot of energy and loves running around the yard. She’s also a total sweetheart and very gentle. Dogs and cats adopted from LA Animal Services join their new families spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. For more information: click here!

Speaking of Dinah, one of our local family owned restaurants “Dinah’s Chicken” in Glendale, California is celebrating their 56th anniversary and offering free lunch!

Yellowstone May Be In Limbo But This New Couple Isn’t!

photo of couple

Here they are! Yellowstone’s Josh Lucas and ABC 7’s Meteorologist Brianna Ruffalo are Hollywood’s newest couple to step out in public. Brianna even shared a couple of pictures of them two and if you swipe through, you’ll see their public display’s of affection! Ellen K blesses the couple with a couple name. Congrats Josh-alo! 😂

The Nation’s Top Egg Producer Reported A Ridiculous Profit Increase! 🥚😒

Photo of woman carrying cartons of eggs.·Remember a few months ago… when EGG prices were sky highOf course you do. The nation’s top egg producer (Cal-Maine Foods) just reported their quarterly earnings… and it’s ridiculous. This company posted a 718% PROFIT INCREASE from the previous quarter.

Talk about a ROTTEN egg!?

In other food news, Cup Noodles has entered the breakfast gameOr… at least they’re trying. They just released a “morning version” of their famous instant ramen.

Apparently, it combines the flavors of sausagemaple syruppancakes and eggs in a saucy textureAll ready in just 4 minutes.

If you’ve found these in stores… we wanna know where! Call us 1.800.929.KOST

John Mellencamp Sings “Jack & Diane” With Grandkids Onstage

A longtime KOST 103.5 artist, John Mellencamp released his hit song, “Jack & Diane” in 1982. His daughter Teddi Mellencamp was a guest co-host of the Ellen K Morning Show this past Tuesday, and she broke the news that her little boy Cruz was practicing. She also shared how this song was about her mom & dad!

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave & hubby Edwin Arroyave were proud parents watching their kids, 2-year-old Dove, 6-year-old Cruz, and 9-year-old Slate perform with grandpa John Mellencamp at the Dolby Theater. Scroll through Edwin’s Instagram post to the last slide and watch a clip of the memorable moment.

Sharon Stone Confesses “She Lost “Half My Money to This Banking Thing”

Photo of Sharon StoneSharon Stone shared a powerful speech last night while receiving the Courage Award from the “Women’s Cancer Research Fund’s (WCRF) An Unforgettable Evening fundraiser.”

The actress said, “this is not an easy time for any of us” as she confessed the importance of giving back no matter what and shocked the crowd when she mentioned how she lost “Half My Money to This Banking Thing”

Watch the clip below and read more about the special evening, here!


Hollywood Heights Is Offically A New Neighborhood! 🏘️

Photo of Hollywood street sign

The City Council just approved Hollywood Heights as an OFFICIAL LA neighborhood! Since 1902, the name’s been merely informal… but, as we speak, new “proper” city signs are going up all along Franklin Avenue! It’s home to the Hollywood Bowl, Magic Castle, Yamashiro and the Freeman House … just to name a few famous spots. Notable residents (thru the years) include Bette Davis, Francis Ford Coppola, Richard Pryor and… Charles Manson.

Check out the Hollywood Heights quadrants, here!