A Mom In Labor Walks The Graduation Stage & Heads To Hospital To Give Birth

This is a DOUBLE FEEL GOOD! A woman named Kelsey Hudie (who lives just outside Detroit) got her diploma this weekend from Henry Ford College! Kelsey’s been pursuing her degree since 2018 and it’s been her lifelong dream to graduate, then move on to become a teacher! The thing is, Kelsey was SUPER pregnant! So pregnant that she thought she might have to miss her ceremony. She managed to see if maybe, somehow, some way, there was a way to “walk” earlier than everyone else so she can head straight to the hospital! Kelsey, IN LABOR, walked that stage in labor, got that diploma and hours later… gave birth to her first child! Welcome to the world, baby Nyla! And double conGRADulations Kelsey! You did it mama!! 👶🎓