.@AnthonyBGonzal– You’re an #OSCAR winner! We’re thrilled for you! Hugs to you and your mama! <3 <3

We were all about the Oscars today and talking about one of our favorite moments with the star from “Coco”, Anthony Gonzalez! Our phones lit up with texts when we watched the 90th Academy Awards, specifically when the movie, “COCO” WON!!! We were all messaging one another when the movie won! For us, the movie was a special treat, not only to our community but to our show and all of our listeners. We have a really funny back story about Anthony Gonzalez & his sweet mama. We knew the world needed to know who Anthony Gonzalez was & it became our mission to get him on our show. Here’s some behind the scenes fun and how we had a crazy dream for our listeners that came true!

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