Behind The Scenes Of Gwen Stefani’s Star Ceremony & Gwen’s Words To Ellen K


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Gwen Stefani received the 2,764th star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame! Hosted by Ellen K, the day sparkled with a lot of love, laughter and surprises for our local girl from Anaheim. The day became a family affair, surrounded by her three sons, her parents & siblings and of course, husband Blake Shelton. He shared his love letter that melted hearts across the boulevard. His words made Gwen tear up and that’s when she whispered to Ellen, “I need to blow my nose.”

Gwen’s journey is not just a Hollywood story; it’s a testament to the power of passion, love, and staying true to oneself. Check out all of the amazing behind the scenes photos shared by Ellen K & Karen Sharp.

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Photo credit: Oscar Del Aguila @imagerybyoscar