Do you need our help to get you off “The Naughty List”? #KOSTconfessions 1-800-929-KOST

We’re on a mission to recon as many names as possible on “The Naughty List”. Our Ellen K Morning Show elves are hard at work making sure they’re able to redeem as many people as they can on “The Naughty List” this year. So busy, in fact they opened up their phone lines during the busiest season of the year so that you can call & confess in your own words what you did that might have you on the naughty list. Once a confession is made, we take down your info and pass it on to the big guy at the Northpole so that your name is for sure on “The Nice List”. So far, 8-year old Alexander of Chino Hills told us about the time he said a bad word by accident and three brothers from Downey, Jaden 7, Jeremiah 6 and Javier 4 told us they were sorry for playing baseball with the Christmas ornaments. You may have heard some of the calls on the air and if you’re up for it, we’re ready to hear your call next! To set up a future call, please e-mail: and we’ll get right on the case. Happy Holidays!