Gather your bro’s and throw a snippit party! #Brosectomies

Vasectomy Parties Are Becoming A Trend Among Men

For some men, the thought of having a vasectomy procedure is terrifying, especially when they have to do it alone. Now, more men are having vasectomy parties, not only for the support, but making it a fun experience as well.

Men are getting together for these “brosectomies” by scheduling the procedure on the same day, complete with gourmet meals and great booze. Some men are dishing out extra cash to have the procedure done at clinics that look more like club lounges instead of a doctor’s office.

At the University of Utah Health, for the past three years they’ve had a March Madness promotion where they offer vasectomy packages. The packages included a Utah Jazz ticket giveaway, goody bags, and basketball shaped ice packs. By doing so, the amount of vasectomies performed increased!

Vasectomies don’t have to be terrifying, gather your bro’s and throw a snippit party!