I’d choose @NeYoCompound’s song #Closer if I were a figure skater⛸️u? #WinterOlympics #PyeongChang2018 #Bestofus

Figure Skaters Could Now Use A Song With Lyrics In The 2018 Winter Olympics

This year’s 2018 Olympic games are taking place in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Prime time coverage will begin at 8.00 pm Eastern on NBC, but because of the time difference, their coverage of the Opening Ceremony is being delayed until tomorrow night.

The last time they aired an Olympics opening ceremony during the 2016 Rio Games, there was a social media firestorm. Viewers seemed to only be able to view an overabundance of ads and were not happy with the delay. As they prepare to air the Winter Olympics opening ceremony tomorrow, they are hoping to avoid the backlash that happened during the Rio kickoff. During the opening ceremony, the ads will be reduced by 30 percent, while also live streaming the event for the first time, 14 hours before its tape-delayed prime time coverage.

Starting at 6.am ET Friday, viewers will be able to livestream the opening ceremony from Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium. For the West Coast, live programming will begin at 5p.m. We can’t wait to watch the figure skaters hit the ice with any song they choose, including songs that have lyrics (which has never been allowed before). Go Team USA! This is the song I’d choose to figure skate to: