Pass these flu tips, not the #flu Get better LA! One person at a time

If you heard the Ellen K: Q&A yesterday, you heard the best way to avoid a cold naturally is to eat lots of SALMON! Salmon, herring, and mackerel are very high in omega-3 fatty acids, which protect lungs from respiratory infections and colds. Also, a home remedy that was shared with us is if you mash up an ibuprofen and put it in a glass of warm water, you can gargle that and it helps relieve inflammation in your throat.

We also got a call from one of our listeners who’s a nurse and she gave us some pretty awesome info to save the world & pass on:

1) Stay home if you’re sick!

2) Wash your hands… a lot! Use hand sanitizer in between.

3) Cough into your elbow. If it looks like you’re doing the DAB, you’re doing it right! If your kids haven’t showed you yet, a dab looks like this:

4) Build your immune system! Sleep & eat well.

5) Once you’ve kicked the flu to the curb, wash your sheets and change your toothbrush.

6) If you wear eye contacts, change your contacts.