Ryan Murphy Knows You Want Taylor Swift & Katy Perry For ‘Feud’ Season 2….But He’s Not Listening

Director Ryan Murphy spoke to Us Weekly last week talking about whether his new FX show “Feud” would ever offer its take on Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

“Feud” tells the story of Hollywood legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford butting heads during the making of their 1962 camp classic “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? “

Murphy says he’s already thinking about which other famous feuds he can use for a 2nd season even though it has yet to be picked up.

He said, “People really want Taylor Swift. I get a lot of requests to please do Taylor and Katy but I’m not doing that.”

“Feud” premieres on FX Sunday, March 5th at 10 p.m. ET.

7-Year-Old Girl Is Traveling Across Country, Hugging Police Officers

A seven-year-old girl named Rosalyn Loves is traveling across the U.S.A and hugging police officers to show her support for them.

Rosalyn is sharing videos of her visits to each department on her Facebook page, “Rosalynloves.”

Her Facebook page reads: “Rosalyn’s mission is to journey throughout the country as a beacon of light, love and joy, uniting communities by demonstrating her sincere love and appreciation for those who have committed their lives to serving and protecting the people of our nation.”


TV Anchor Has Epic Diva Meltdown Over a Colleague Wearing the Same Color Dress

A TV anchor had a meltdown after realizing she, a fellow journalist and her guest were all wearing white.

She got mad after spotting the two wearing similar dresses to her moments before going live on Wednesday.

She got lippy with her colleague and demanded she put on a different colored jacket.

The other reporter continued to take heat while a producer tried to find her a jacket. The anchor ripped her and said “Come on I told you two hours ago.”

The reporter apologized, but the anchor wouldn’t let it go and the guest was looking really uncomfortable.

No word on who leaked the footage, but since it went viral, the anchor said ‘I probably overreacted with the pressure of presenting a live news bulletin. News is a fast moving environment and sometimes these things happen.’


4 Year Old Who Has Read 1K Books Visits Library of Congress, Becomes Honorary Librarian


The 4-year-old Gainesville, Georgia girl has read 1,000 books and she hasn’t even started kindergarten, the Gainesville Times reported.
Daliyah joined Georgia’s “1,000 Books B4 Kindergarten” program at the age of 2 and completed the challenge, her mother told the newspaper.

On Wednesday, she visited the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and was named “Librarian For The Day.”

Drake Named 2017’s “Best-Dressed Man”

Drake has been named 2017’s “best-dressed man” by British GQ Magazine.

GQ said, “With Drake’s latest looks trending away from bright yellow top-to-toe tracksuits and towards customized sports luxe, he’s proving that it’s possible to look cool in an outfit that, in a cheaper guise, might otherwise never leave the sofa. Drake has been keenly and consistently developing a unique look over the last few years, which combines grimey terrace fashion inspired by Italian menswear brand Stone Island, with preppy American court-side sportswear. If men can wear incongruous, colourful, even cosy clothes out and about without losing an iota of their masculinity, it’s mostly thanks to Drake.”

Other musicians featured in the list include Skepta, A$AP Rocky and Tinie Tempah.

Will we see a best dressed couple in JLo and Drake this year??



ALWAYS Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them

Doctors are warning you should always wash your new clothes before wearing them.

One doctor says if you don’t wash your new clothes you are putting yourself at risk of a whole host of skin conditions and infections – not to mention unexpected allergic reactions and even the norovirus.

She says the issue is new clothes may be contaminated with bacteria, fungi or chemicals