Ryan Lochte Loses All Endorsements

Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte, has lost all four of his endorsements on Monday as three companies — Speedo, Gentle Hair Removal and Airweave — terminated their deals with him.

Ralph Lauren said it simply would not renew its deal with Ryan that ran through the 2016 Olympics.

Speedo signed Lochte to a 10-year deal in 2006 and released a statement that said, “While we have enjoyed a winning relationship with Ryan for over a decade and he has been an important member of the Speedo team, we cannot condone behavior that is counter to the values this brand has long stood for…”

Speedo also said it would donate $50,000 of Ryan’s endorsement fee to a charity called “Save The Children,” that helps children in Brazil.

Ryan said, “I respect Speedo’s decision and am grateful for the opportunities that our partnership has afforded me over the years. I am proud of the accomplishments that we have achieved together.”

Ryan has admitted he was drunk in the early-morning hours of August 14th and destroyed a sign at a gas station. He and 3 other swimmers were then held at gunpoint by security guards and released after they paid a fee. Ryan later said they’d been robbed at gunpoint. He now says that was an exaggeration.

Facebook Live Introduces Dual Broadcast

Two people can now stream live at the same time on Facebook, for news-style conversations or interviews.

It also means live-streams can now incorporate what’s happening in multiple locations—something that could be very useful in any number of situations: disasters, conventions, parades, and so on.

This is a game changer and what some are saying., will mean the end of cable television.



Katy Perry Launches Shoe Line

Katy Perry is launching her very own line of footwear.

According to WWD, Katy hooked up with Global Brands Group, the holding company behind a number of celebrity-helmed lines like JLo by Jennifer Lopez, Sean John and David Beckham, to create Katy Perry Footwear. The show collection will include sandals, sneakers, and pumps!

Prices range from $59 to $299 and the line will officially launch in Spring 2017.



Kim Kardashian Explains Why She’s Not a Feminist

Reality star Kim Kardashian has written an essay on her website, explaining exactly why she’s not a feminist.

Kardashian’s blog post comes two weeks after she received backlash from an interview where she refused to accept being called a “feminist.”

The essay says Kim believes that a feminist is “someone who advocates for the civil and social rights and liberties of all people, regardless of their gender,” and who believes that women should have the same choices and opportunities as men…

Kim says that “of course” she stands for those values, and adds, “Obviously, there are things about me that people might say make me a feminist: I work hard, I make my own money, I’m comfortable and confident in my own skin.”

She said, “I encourage women to be open and honest about their sexuality, and to embrace their beauty and their bodies,” but she said labels such as “feminist,” “Democrat,” “plus-size” and “bisexual” create “separation.”

“It’s not about he, she, gay, straight, black, white. The fight for equality is about ALL human beings being treated equally – regardless of gender, sexuality or ethnicity.”


Wow! Imagine? Cockroaches May FLY

It’s been so hot and humid in New York City cockroaches could fly.

Experts say because of the extreme heat, the bugs may be trying to find a more comfortable place in which to live.

And to do this they could fly, which they rarely do. But the experts say cockroaches won’t fly like butterflies– instead, it’s almost like they just glide down.



Michael Phelps: The Greatest Olympian Of All Time

Michael Phelps grabbed his 23rd gold medal on Saturday night, making him the most decorated athlete in Olympic history.

No other Olympian has more than nine gold medals. With 28 medals in all, he’s 10 clear of anyone else.

His coach, Bob Bowman, said: “It’s not even once in a generation. It might be once in 10 generations that someone like Michael Phelps comes along.”



Lazy People Are Actually The Most Intelligent

Intelligent people live a more sedentary lifestyle, as they tend to spend more time lost in their own thoughts.

Researchers found that those who fill their day with physical activity are often ‘non-thinkers,’ who use movement to stimulate their minds and escape their own thoughts.

The researchers pulled from previous works to explain that physical activity levels are associated with physical behavior. For example, a past study found that “non-thinkers” became bored much easier.

Another study found that those with high need for thinking didn’t need much physical activity, because they were able to provide their own mental stimulation.