Asking For Someone’s Phone Number Is Over

Asking for someone’s phone number is becoming a thing of the past.

Most people nowadays stay in touch by “liking” photos, responding directly to someone’s Instagram or Snapchat story, emailing them or video-calling them through Facebook or Skype.

If and when someone actually does call you on an actual phone, chances are you won’t pick up.

And a recent survey found 62% of teens share their social media username as one of the first pieces of information when meeting someone new…. with only 13% citing phone calls as their first choice in communicating with friends.


Jennifer Lopez Spotted in Bahamas With A-Rod

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were spotted together in the Bahamas.

The new couple was staying at Bakers Bay Golf & Ocean Club in the Bahamas and took a private jet to the “exclusive, owners-only destination.”

It was recently revealed that the two have been seeing each other for a few months.

She posted this picture of both of them before she took it down!

Elmo Wanted to Meet Adele and it Actually Happened

Elmo is apparently a huge Adele fan and was desperate to meet her.

They were both in Australia, she’s on tour and Elmo’s promoting “Sesame Street’s” 47th year on air.

He made an eager plea to Adele on TV saying, “Adele! Elmo loves you with all of Elmo’s heart. Elmo wants to sing ‘Rolling In the Deep’ with you, wherever you are. Elmo will fly there. Call Elmo! Thank you.”

Elmo also went on twitter saying, “Miss @Adele, Elmo’s been wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet? We’re both in Australia!”

According to Adele’s Instagram page, they actually met. She posted a picture of her and Elmo with the caption, “Elmo, I love you. Thanks for coming. See you in New York.


PARENTING: TV May Take Biggest Toll On School Readiness For Poor Kids

Kids who watch too much TV are less ready for school.

Researchers looked at over 800 kids between 5-and 6-years-old assessed at the start of kindergarten for basic skills like counting, letter recognition and sorting blocks by pattern and shape. They also looked at how much TV the kids watched.

They found kids who watched a lot of TV did worse in test scores– especially those kids coming from poor families– who did worse than middle class kids who watched a lot of TV.


Your Teen’s Brain Is Wired for Risky Behavior

Teenage brains are actually wired to engage in risky behaviors.

Researchers looked at more than 5,000 teens and young adults from 11 countries to reach their conclusions. They found that the desire to seek thrills usually peaks around 19 years old, and then declines with age. Young adults’ ability to self-regulate or deny their impulses climbs until the age of 23 or 24 when it fully develops.

The study also showed that risky behaviors such as unsafe sex, alcohol and drug use, and dangerous driving, varies greatly depending on the country they live in.

For example – in Indonesia, only 2 percent of teenagers reported having tried alcohol in the last month compared to about half of the teens in Argentina.


Justin Timberlake Gives Uplifting Acceptance Speech About Inclusion

While accepting the iHeart Radio Award for song of the year for his hit “Can’t Stop The Feeling” from the DreamWorks Animation film “Trolls”, Justin Timberlake gave an uplifting speech, saying he wrote the song with the idea of “inclusion” in mind.

Justin said, ”If you are black or gay or lesbian or trans or maybe you’re just a sissy singing boy from Tennessee, anyone that is treating you unkindly, it’s only because they are afraid or taught to be afraid of how important you are because being different means you make the difference.”


Revealed: the Four Types of Personality You’ll Find in EVERY Workplace

Researchers have identified the four common personality types that are most dominant in the workplace.

The pioneer is interested in the power of possibility and sparks energy and imagination among other team members. They work on gut instinct and have no problem with risk taking, especially as they’re drawn to bold, fresh ideas and creative approaches.

People who are guardians like things to be stable and they bring order and rigor to a team. Pragmatic types at heart, they don’t like to take risks and feel more comfortable sticking with facts, figures and details. Inherently sensible, they like to learn from past mistakes.

Drivers like to get results, love a challenge and they’re all about winning. A big bonus is that they tend to generate momentum in a team. But they’re also big on logic and data and tend to see problems as black-and-white and tackle them head on.

Staff who are Integrators appreciate connections and bring teams together. Their prime concern is relationships with the team and their responsibility to colleagues. Diplomatic integrators tend to believe that most things are relative, and their goal is harmony and consensus.


Your Name Might Shape Your Face

A computer analysis found that people with the same name were more likely to share a stereotypical “look” to them…. similar expressions around their eyes and mouths, areas of the face.

In one experiment, scientists found that when people are shown a stranger’s face and a choice of five names, they pick the right name about 35 percent of the time.

That’s actually pretty good. According to a psychologist at Brock University in Canada, “Random chance would be 20 percent.” Though she says that more work needs to be done before she’s convinced another reason, like that some name options are unpopular, isn’t responsible for the result.

The team ran several more experiments with different conditions and continued finding that study participants – and one computer algorithm – could reliably match names to faces.

And in another experiment, the researchers trained a computer to find similarities in thousands of faces of people with the same name. The algorithm found that people with the same name tend to have similarities around their eyes or at the corners of their mouths. “You can see it’s the places with different expressions or most of our expressions”. Using that information, the robot could match a face to the correct name about 60 percent of the time when given two options.
Researchers speculate that people might be using their facial muscles to conform appearance to name. Imagine someone with the name “Joy,” for instance. “The moment she’s born, her parents and society treat her in a way that befits that name. The say, you really are so joyful, smiling just like your name. She develops a certain look maybe because she is smiling more because of all the positive feedback she gets when she smiles.”

It may also be that people mold their names to fit them. A psychologist and neuroscientist was told her first name didn’t fit her. So she used her middle name. “That may be because they weren’t matching the stereotype.”

However, there could be other explanations for the correlation between faces and names.

For one, maybe it’s that one or two of the five names the researchers chose were unpopular or a terrible match for the face that study participants saw. “Nobody would pick [those], but picked the other three names equally often, then they would still pick my name about 35 percent of the time.”

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Taking A Break

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are taking a break.

The pop star the actor parted ways after a little over a year of dating.

A statement from both of their reps reads, “Before rumors or falsifications get out of hand, we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time.”

The two stars began dating back in January 2016 with a source telling PEOPLE then that they looked “very happy.” They grew closer throughout the years, with a source revealing n August: “[Bloom] would love to settle down with Katy and have more kids.”

Bloom and model Miranda Kerr are parents to 6-year-old Flynn. They divorced in 2013 after three years of marriage. Perry began dating John Mayer in 2012 and had an on-again, off-again relationship with the singer until she began dating Bloom.