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Ellen K’s Last Minute Taylor Swift Tickets On KOST 103.5

Photo collage of Taylor SwiftOn Monday morning, Ellen K has your last chance to win Taylor Swift tickets! Be sure to tune in on August 7th between 6:00am-10:00am PST. Ellen K will play ONE Taylor Swift song per hour in the 6am, 7am, 8am and 9am hours. When the 4th song starts playing in the 9am hour, be the correct caller with the names of all four songs. One lucky listener will win a pair of tickets to the show that same night! Let’s GOOO!!!!

A “Sweet Dreams” Collab With Alicia Keys & Annie Lennox At The KIA Forum


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Last night, Alicia Keys mesmerized the crowd at The KIA Forum as she concluded her unforgettable “Keys To The Summer” tour. The concert was a night to remember, filled with powerful vocals, soulful melodies, and a breathtaking performance by the iconic Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics! The two iconic musicians came together to perform a mesmerizing rendition of the Eurythimcs classic, “Sweet Dreams,” leaving the crowd in awe of their talent and musical chemistry! It was a magical moment, and the perfect way to close out Alicia’s incredible tour, leaving fans with lasting memories and good vibes.

Fantasmic Set to Reawaken: A Fiery Farewell to Murphy the Dragon!

Photo of Disney's Murphy the Dragon

Get ready to be enchanted as Disneyland’s Fantasmic show makes its triumphant return, but with one notable absence. The beloved fire-breathing dragon, Murphy, who has been a show-stopping favorite for years, will not be making an appearance. However, fear not, as the show promises to bring back all the dazzling magic and imagination that fans have come to adore. Prepare to be whisked away on a captivating journey through the realms of Disney’s beloved characters and timeless stories, as Fantasmic dazzles with its spectacular water effects, stunning projections, and unforgettable musical performances. Grab your popcorn and secure your seats for a night of pure enchantment at the happiest place on earth! ✨🏰

Iceman: Our Wet Nose Wednesday Star! Adopt Today! 🏡


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Meet our Wet Nose Wednesday Pet of the Week, the one and only Iceman A#2091947. 🐶💙 With a name as cool as his personality, Iceman is a 1-year-and-1-month-old pup bursting with energy and an insatiable love for playtime! 🎾 Located at our East Valley Center, he’s looking for a loving home where he can share his boundless enthusiasm and affection with a forever family. 🏡 Don’t miss out on this adorable bundle of joy – come meet Iceman today and let the fun begin! 😊

Dogs and cats adopted from LA Animal Services join their new families spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. For more information, visit LA Animal Services East Valley Center and click here! 🐾💕

Are You Next? Listen To Our Lucky Swifties! 🎤🎶

Photo of Taylor SwiftIt’s been a SWIFT-tastic symphony on KOST 103.5 and it’s only getting better! When you hear back-to-back Taylor Swift songs, be caller 20 at 1-800-929-KOST (1-800-929-5678) to win a pair of tickets to see Taylor Swift LIVE at one of her concerts at SoFi Stadium next week!

Ellen K Announces Your Chance To Win Taylor Swift Tickets On KOST 103.5

Photo of Taylor Swift

Ellen K had an EPIC announcement this morning! 💫

All next week, listen for back-to-back Taylor Swift songs to win your way into SoFi! Multiple chances to win every day, from 8a-7p! Set a reminder now to win TAY ALL DAY! Take KOST 103.5 with you everywhere you go on the iHeart Radio App, so you don’t miss your chance to win tickets to the biggest show in town! 🏆🎟️

The Hottest Place On Earth Awaits 133° In This Sunday’s Forecast In CA!

Sign that says extreme heatHot-hot-history COULD be made this weekend in Death Valley, where Sunday’s high is expected to reach 133 degrees! It that happens… scientists say it’ll BREAK the record for the hottest temp ever “reliably” measured on Earth. Anywhere, in history! Phoenix is also on track to smash a record – (and this one’s crazy) they’re pacing to log 20 consecutive days with highs above 110 degrees! How will you stay cool this weekend?

Also, does it make anyone else uncomfortable that the hottest place on earth is only 250-miles away from Los Angeles?!

Saddle Up & See How You Can Win Stagecoach Tickets With Ellen K! 🤠

Photo of Stagecoach signHold on to your cowboy hats, folks! The Ellen K Morning Show is bringing the ultimate country music extravaganza straight to your ears, and they’re not stopping there. Get ready to wrangle some serious fun as they’re giving away exclusive tickets to Stagecoach 2024! Prepare to saddle up and join the biggest names in the industry for a wild weekend of unforgettable performances, electrifying energy, and memories that will last a lifetime. Tune in to the Ellen K Morning Show at 7:30am PT all this week and play the Ellen K Q&A for your chance to lasso those tickets and make your dreams of country music stardom come true! Yeehaw!

Save our number: 1-800-929-5678 (KOST)

Watch Ellen K Announce The Hollywood Walk of Fame Class of 2024 ⭐


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Ellen K is set to make an exciting announcement today LIVE from a rooftop in Hollywood overlooking the iconic Hollywood sign. Join the press conference available to the public, which will be live-streamed. As the anticipation builds, we can’t help but wonder: Who will be the deserving honorees to receive their star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame? Share your thoughts & let us know who you believe deserves the recognition.

Watch HERE as Ellen K unveils the Hollywood Walk of Fame Class of 2024!

Happy Birthday, Jason, & Congratulations On This Remarkable Album! 🎉🎶✨


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In a special and serendipitous twist of fate, Ellen K had the incredible opportunity to interview the talented singer-songwriter, Jason Mraz, in-studio on his birthday. But that wasn’t the only reason for celebration—Jason was also releasing his highly anticipated album, “Mystical Magical Rhythmical Ride,” on the very same day!

Jason’s infectious energy and genuine charisma shone through as he shared his journey of creating the album and the inspiration behind its enchanting melodies. “Mystical Magical Rhythmical Ride” is a testament to Jason’s artistry, with each track taking listeners on a soul-stirring musical journey. From uplifting anthems that ignite hope to introspective ballads that touch the deepest parts of our hearts, the album encapsulates Jason’s signature blend of heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing melodies.

During the interview, Jason expressed his gratitude for being able to share his music with the world on such a special day. He shared anecdotes about the creative process, collaborations with talented musicians, and the profound messages woven into each song. It was evident that the album held a significant place in his heart, and he couldn’t wait for his fans to embark on this “Mystical Magical Rhythmical Ride” alongside him.